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Mailbox Rental

Mailboxes Are Currently Available!

There are currently mailboxes availabe for rental at the Mailbox Shop! All mailboxes at the shop are considered a real, physical address. These are not technically P.O. Boxes, which means we can accept mail/packages from shipping companies other than the United States Postal Service.


For example, your address at the Shop would read:

Your Name Here

7620 E McKellips Rd 

Ste 4 PMB XX (insert your mailbox number)

Scottsdale, AZ 85257


If you need to pick up your mail after hours*, we will provide you with a security code for the front door. The shop itself will be locked up, but the mailboxes will still be accessible with a key.


Free "Mail Check" - if you would like us to check for the presence of your mail, you can call into the shop during open hours at (480)-629-8366. We will only confirm the mail for registered phone numbers! All information provided by customers is confidential and will not be disclosed except for law enforcement purposes of in response to a subpoena or court order.


Mail Fowarding - some of our customers travel frequently, and will want to receive their mail at a different location. If the customer provides us with an address, we can forward it to you at the cost of the postage. 


Signing for packages/certified mail - if the customer does not wish for the Shop to sign for packages and/or certified mail, we will not do so. 


Collect on Delivery - all items that require a collection on delivery will only be accepted if prior arrangements have been made, and a payment in advance is left with the Shop. 


How to Apply for a Mailbox at the Shop: 

When you apply for a mailbox, you will need to fill out two forms:


PS Form 1583: can be found at


Mail Box Rental Agreement: this form will need to be filled out in person. It only requires a date, a phone number, and a signature. Although not required, there is a section for you to record the names of other individuals that you authorize to pick up your mail. Regardless of whether this section is filled out, the Mailbox Shop will assume that any individual with possession of a key for the box, is valid evidence that the possessor is authorized to remove mail from boxes. 


The mailboxes come in three different sizes*


Small Mailbox:    3x6x15

Pricing - 3 Months: $70 + Tax

                 6 Months: $125 + Tax

                12 Months: $230 + Tax

Medium Mailbox:  6x6x15

Pricing - 3 Months: $85 + Tax

                 6 Months: $150 + Tax

                12 Months: $270 + Tax


Large Mailbox:      11x6x15

Pricing - 3 Months: $95 + Tax

                 6 Months: $165 + Tax

                12 Months: $300 + Tax


* Most large packages will not fit in any size box. When packages are to large, the Mailbox Shop will keep them safe in our facility. Large packages can be picked up directly from our staff when the Shop is open. (M-F: 9a-6p || Saturday 10a-4p)





Mail Box Shop

Private Mailboxes, Shipping, Copy, Fax, and Notary

7620 E McKellips Rd Suite 4 Scottsdale, AZ 85257

North East Corner of McKellips Rd & Miller Rd

Phone: (480)-629-8366

Fax (480)-588-6508

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm

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